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 **The Official Forum Rules**

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**The Official Forum Rules** Empty
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Constant Impact Message Board

General Rules

1. No Flaming
Flaming is considered anything that is said or done to insult another member. All members are to be treated fairly. If you don’t like a person, then don’t say anything to them. If there is a serious issue that needs to be address please talk to a moderator. If you are caught flaming, then you will get an immediate warning, if flaming is directed toward a staff member you may be a risk for immediate ban.

2. No Cursing
Please be respectful to other members by keeping the language here clean. Remember this is a Christian board and we expect all members to be respectful to each other and since some may find some words offensive we ask that you think twice before posting.

3. No Discrimination
This is similar to flaming, but is not aimed at a particular person or social group, but towards an entire race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Discrimination is a serious offense and will lead you a warning.

4. No Illegal Discussions
No discussion about illegal materials. No posting of pornographic images or linking to sites which have pornographic images on them. Asking for or offering illegal content will result in immediate ban.

5. No Alternate Accounts
We asked that there be only one account per person. Your IP address is recorded when you sign up and also when you post. Multiple accounts from the same IP will only be allowed in the case of family members sharing a computer.

6. No Impersonation
Simply put do not pretend to be someone you are not. Do not sign up with names that would give people the impression you were an administrator. Do not use other people’s accounts or let other people use your account, this if for your own security purposes.

7. No Plagiarism
Do not steal other people's works and post them on this forum as your own. If you find content you would like to share with us please provide a link with the material of origination.


Posting Rules
Please note that all general rules also apply

1. Before starting a Thread
Before starting a thread we ask that you use the search feature to make sure there is no threads similar to the one you are about to start.

2. Post Threads In Correct Forum
If you post a thread in the incorrect forum it will be moved by a member of staff. If you are constantly posting threads in the wrong area, you will be warned.

3. Don't post SPAM
Posts with only a smiley or one word will not be acceptable. Posts should be at least 3 words long, unless the thread specifies otherwise.


Avatar, Profile Picture and Signature Rules
Please note that all general rules still apply

1. Keep Content Appropriate
All avatars, signatures and profile pictures must be within the rules of the site (no pornography etc).

2. Signature Limits
As of right now signatures are only allowed to moderators, this is subject to change in the future.

3. Staff Have the Right To Remove
Staff have the right to remove your avatar or display picture if they think it is inappropriate. Most times, staff will ask you to change it first.


Warning System

The warning system is a system that keeps track of those who have broken the rules on the forum.

No Warnings:
**The Official Forum Rules** 1

1st Warning:
**The Official Forum Rules** Serwarns

2nd Warning:
**The Official Forum Rules** 2warnsd

3rd Warning:
**The Official Forum Rules** Warn

**The Official Forum Rules** Bans

*Please note that some infractions of the rules may result in automatic ban thus a warning will not be received first.*

User Ranking System

New Member
Post Requirements - 0

Junior Member
Post Requirements - 50

Full Member
Post Requirements - 100

Mega Member
Post Requirements - 350

Senior Member
Post Requirements - 500

Ultra Member
Post Requirements - 1000

Custom Title
Post Requirements - 2000



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**The Official Forum Rules**
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